Oka' Projects

Enhanced Aquifer Recharge Proof of Concept Testing Site

Located on East Central University's campus, the Enhanced Aquifer Recharge Proof of Concept Testing Site is an experimental testing grounds for various methods of enhanced aquifer recharge and groundwater storage.

When rainwater falls to Earth, its fates are unevenly divided between runoff, evapotranspiration, and infiltration. To meet the demands of an expanding population, sustain economic growth, and manage the effects of climate change, having a dependable water supply is necessary. This can be accomplished by reducing the fractions of water lost to runoff and evapotranspiration and increasing the fraction to infiltration.

By installing simple but effective recharge and retention structures, aquifer recharge can be enhanced and spring discharge managed to allow for greater storage and recovery with the benefit of sustained stream flow. Some of the methods we are testing may also help lessen the intensity of damaging flash flood events.